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We dig up history through experience, knowledge and creativity, plus a little luck never hurts. Discover all we offer from corporate team building events to family outings. We have the equipment and knowledge for your treasure hunting.

Corporate Events

We set the stage for a scavenger hunt like no other. Our dualing metal detecting hunt pits teams against each other on the clock to seek pre-planted artifacts. And of course items found that we did not plant count as extra credit!

Guided Digs

We offer guided digs for $99 per person, group rates are available just call us! We take you to areas that have potenital for civil war, coins, jewelry and other artifacts and you keep what you find.

Find Lost Items

We specialize in finding lost high end items. Lose a $20k piece of jewelry? We are experts, hire us and we will come to you to locate your missing items. We just need an area and we wll do the rest.

Treasure Hunts

Part of the fun of metal detecting is finding something buried. We add a twist to this concept and set up treasure hunts with clues at various locations. You can divide up into teams and find the loot accros multiple locations.

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